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The summer is a great season for outdoor activities because people can enjoy the good weather. There are events held for all kinds of people, with different interests. In the UK, every summer sees Glastonbury music festival, Wimbledon tennis championships, the Chelsea Flower Show and many more annual events that take place outside in the sun.
The UK also has the BBC summer events. These are festivals where people can enjoy what they would normally experience on the television or radio, but outside and face-to-face with the stars. For example, food lovers can learn to cook from some of their favourite TV chefs.
Another type of activity that is showcased at these events is home design. This is where spectators are presented with information and tips on how to design and decorate their homes. Punters are given advice for making their different rooms around your their houses elegant with the latest designs, all for a fraction of the cost you would expect. These workshops are presented by qualified professionals, as well as TV presenters and other familiar faces.
There are also information stalls, which include property companies that teach people how to market their homes, and how to invest in new property. If you want to know how to purchase property which is best suited to you, you can get advice from the experts. Different companies are there to guide their clients, who are interested in purchasing property to make residential homes or for commercial use, to the best options.
The BBC Summer Event also hosts the Gardeners Green which is perfect for gardening enthusiasts. The gardener workshop is a programme where you are taught plenty about different plants and given tips by professionals. If follow the instructions advised by these experts you can make incredible things happen in your garden, whilst having plenty of fun.

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