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The BBC is one of the leading TV and Radio companies in the world, with several channels catering for different audiences with different themes. One of its most famous and popular channels is the BBC News Channel, as well as BBC1 and BBC2 which show general programmes, and BBC3 which is aimed at a younger audience and BBC4 which is more cultural. The radio strand caters for fans of different music such as pop (Radio 1), classical (Radio 3), alternative (6Music) and Urban (1Xtra).
In the beginning, the BBC started broadcasting via radio, as television had not then been invented. Over time, the company developed and evolved its image into television, and became the leading provider of current news issues in the world – the BBC's extremely popular website has also helped in this progression.
Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages on the Asian subcontinent. The BBC began news bulletins in Urdu to target this audience, and later created a separate TV channel just for Urdu speakers. It has been very successful to date, and is one of the most popular channels on the subcontinent. Image By: garryknight
The channel also has a BBC Urdu website. This website contains different pages for sport, local and international news, reviews, entertainment, weather updates for the region, and much more. People were very pleased with the BBC Urdu channel, that it was a natural progression to have a BBC Urdu website. most popular channels on the subcontinent.
The content on this site relates to matters in Pakistan and India. It is an excellent medium because people can get the information that they want, when they want it.
There is also the BBC Urdu Radio. This radio station is on the BBC Urdu website. People can listen to it at any time. The website also includes an entertainment section. It provides the latest information and stories from the showbiz world. This website provides something for everyone, including children.

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