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The Big Brother theme music is back on the Tele-box, with a new team of d-list celebs for the general public to spy on. Picking favourites has always been a slow process in this kind of long winded format, as first impressions quickly fade when Big Brother plays the evil card, and gets under their shallow skin and shows their faults and imperfections in the cold light of day. It's a cruel old world.
Image By: Ivan BessedinThe 2011/12 series unites the likes of (take a deep breath) Frankie Cocozza, Kirk Norcross, Natasha Giggs, Nicola McLean, Natalie Cassidy, Denise Welch, Georgia Salpa, Andrew Stone, Michael Madsen, Kristina and Karissa Shannon, Gareth Thomas and Romeo.
Sparks have been flying already as this rowdy lot sort out the pecking order. The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross, a man oozing self-confidence, was taken down a peg or two after his advances with the playmate twins Kristina and Karissa failed miserably. Shamed X-Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza continues to try his luck, though he is starting to annoy the girls as he continues to ignore their scathing rebuttals.
The public vote was counted and Andrew was the first housemate to be booted out of the BB house. Most of the housemates who voted for him cited his inability to relax as the main factor for his nomination, as well as the infatuation with the cameras around the house. The public agreed.
Highlights so far have all come by way of Hollywood heavyweight and Kill Bill star Michael Madsen. He has carried himself through the first few days with total indifference to the others, revealing a sharp wit and humour no one has seen before. His stories have been entertained the hapless gang of cronies, including one anecdote that included Al Pacino lending him his jet so he could go home to see his kids. Now that's a story. He also thought Andrew Stone was a spy.

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