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Reality TV is seen by many as a puerile and substandard form of television which acts to numb the minds of the people who watch it. There have been a number of shows which perpetuate a vacuous image of Britain today, where girls are vulgar and drinking like lads and the men are apish testosterone fuelled numbskulls, as seen in Geordie Shore. And to a lesser extent in Desperate Scousewives and The Only Way Is Essex. But one show has tried to rejuvenate this sorry image of ‘Broken Britain’ and binge drinking, and show a more refined and stylish view of Royal Britannia. That show is Made in Chelsea.
Made in Chelsea follows the lives of a number of socialites, models and entrepreneurs who have live a very privileged lifestyle in the borough of Kensington, mostly because of mummy’s and daddy’s riches. These are all immaculately turned out and well-spoken young people, but although the use of language may be different, the sordid themes are the same as ever. There are love triangles, catty feuds between girls and secret trysts in expensive cars. It has scripted to a large extent but the relationships and emotions of the cast members are said to be genuine, so it is hard to tell where reality starts and the fiction begins.
It obviously owes a debt of gratitude to polished American series like The Hills, which captures the lives of the fabulously rich like Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner, and Kirstin Cavallari. These hip young dudes and dudettes take holidays in Cabo, Mexico, every other week and every show there one of the cast seemed to be bed hopping. It was immensely popular in the U.S and the UK, which gave rise to Made In Chelsea which was designed to mirror it, but adding a distinctly British flavour. The main character in MIC includes Millie MacKintosh, Spencer Mathews, Amber Atherton, Victoria Baker-Harber, Francis Boulle, Caggie Dunlop, Gabriella Ellis and many more.

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