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The sad thing about life is that your favourite TV show, no matter what it is, will one day come to an end. Some shows have a one year lifespan, others go on for three or four, and some have made it all the way up to 20 or more, but eventually it seems that everyone's favourite TV shows get cancelled.
2011 saw the ending of many people's favourite shows. One of the biggest shows to finally come to a close in the past year was All My Children, ABC's legendary soap opera that has been running since 1970. Many people journeyed with the characters of that show, watching the drama unfold as their own lives did the same, and it certainly won't be easy for them to let go.Image By: DanCentury
Bored to Death is another series that was recently cancelled, causing all its faithful followers to groan in dismay. The show didn't appeal to everyone, but for many, it was the peak of comedy. Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galafianakis and Ted Danson enchanted the world with the depressing comedy series, and it's a shame it won't be going on any longer. 
And let's not forget the shows that we lost before they even had a chance to take off. The Playboy Club and Charlie's Angels were two series that were extremely buzzed about before their release, and which sadly came to an end before their time. There were weak points in these shows, but no more than can be found in many others. We're sad that they weren't given a longer chance.
Nevertheless, we can always look forward to the future of TV and hope for better. Who knows, maybe some of our old favourites will get revived or rebooted sometime in the future.

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