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The 90's were a time of pure escapism on the television sets, and children were particularly well catered to during this era. This was the heyday of cartoons and programming for teens, with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon producing some of the best remembered shows from this time. Here are a couple of the best loved shows from this particularly exception period of TV:
Image By: XurbleKenan and Kel: The show was set in Chicago, and focused on the exploits of two lovable rogues, Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble. The pair are students, and Kenan earns some cash on the side working at a local grocery store. Kel is like a human wrecking ball, and has a habit of messing up the shop and aggravating Kenan's father to the point of explosion. These two lovable rogues get themselves into all kind of mischief. The show had a successful run between July 1996 to July 2000, which included a feature film. And who could forget that all remembered exchange, which went a little something like this: “Who Love's Orange Soda?” “Kel Loves Orange Soda” “Is it true?” “MmmHMM… I do, I do, I doo-oo”.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch: This was a classic from back in the day, which followed the story of teenage witch Sabrina, played by Clarissa Explains It All star, Melissa Joan. It follows her as she comes to terms with being a teenager and a witch, while living with her two Aunt's Zelda and Hilda. She is forced to pretend to be normal around her friends, hiding her true identity from everyone, including her boyfriend Harvey who is a simple and charming jock. Her journey through adolescence is made slightly easier by her talking cat Salem, who has a British accent and gives Sabrina the advice she needs in troublesome situations. The TV series ran between 1996 and 2003.

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