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Soaps are synonymous with baddies. No story line would be complete without the mysterious, malevolent character that comes from nowhere to wreak havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting soap victims. There have been villains who disappear after one foul swoop and those who out stay their welcome. Here is a list of some of the meanest crooks and baddies to ever grace a British soap.
CORONATIONImage By: damo1977 STREET - TRACY BARLOW. With one foul swoop this scheming woman took revenge and killed her then boyfriend Charlie Stubbs. Charlie who had been carrying on behind Tracy's back was bludgeoning to death in no uncertain terms. The storyline which played out in 2007 eventually saw Tracy taken off to jail in handcuffs and the actress who played her Kate Ford, left the soap. Tracy Barlow did however make a shock return earlier this year, after she lied to the courts and said that Gail was responsible for the murder of husband Joe.
EASTENDERS - JANINE BUTCHER: When producers dreamed up Janine Butcher, they broke the mould. She took complete pleasure in torturing her foes with mental games; she is the archetypal black widow after she murdered Barry Evans. Janine is full of cunning and she seduced Barry, and then lead him to a remote Scottish hill location during their honeymoon. She then calculatingly gave him a push down a deep hole and watched him die. The police were unable to get enough evidence to convict her for that murder, but did time for the death of Laura Beale, after Pat refused to provide her with an alibi.
CORONATION STREET - TONY GORDON: This evil character left a trail of death and misery in his wake after killing Liam Connor and Robbie Sloan. He was apoplectic after discovering that Liam had an affair with his soon to be wife Carla, and Tony plotted his dead. During his own stag do he chose the moment, and Liam was murdered in a "hit-and-run" by a speeding car. Tony was sent to prison, but escaped after joining forces with cell-buddy Robbie, who he later murdered in cold blood. Tony got his comeuppance though after he took Carla and Hayley hostage, and he was the only one to die after setting the factory ablaze.

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