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The UK has produced some pretty incredible shows. From Monty Python to Dr. Who, there are just some shows produced by the UK that can't be beaten. In fact, many countries and particularly the US have taken it upon themselves to remake UK shows for their viewers. Sometimes these remakes go well (The Office) and sometimes they don't.
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However, the UK has also taken series from the US and remade them for British audiences. It seems that, looking at trends, it was usually better done the other way around, and that the British are better at making their own series rather than remaking others.
Here are some examples of shows the UK chose to remake from the US versions:
Most of the shows remade by the UK are game shows. In fact, we could go on for quite a long time listing all the different game shows the British took from the US. Some examples, though, include The Price Is Right and College Bowl. The first has seen success, though the latter much less. Many of the game shows saw more or less the amount of popularity as their US counterparts, though some failed due to the differences in audience.   Image By: Elaron
There were also funny shows and dramas adapted for the UK, and some of these actually did quite well. The Upper Hand, a sitcom from the 80's in the US, did well for five years from 1990 to 1995. An example of a show that flopped in its UK adaptation is Married with Children, or as it was called for the year it ran in the UK, Married for Life.
Overall, the UK has had some hits and some misses in adapting foreign TV shows, and they seem to do better when they use their own originality to create new and interesting TV.

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