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When it comes to TV, it’s like Al Capone said, give the people what they want. Now everyone loves food, everyone wants to learn about food and everyone loves to watch a charismatic chef talking about his passion. It is no surprise then that the following cookery shows are all have a huge fanbase, mainly because of the TV chefs.
Like James Martin or instance, who presents Saturday Kitchen in which he invites a number of celebs and topical guests to come and taste some exotic dishes made by world-renowned cooks. There is such variety on the show, with guest appearances from Ken Hom, Frank Bordini, Atul Kockhar and many more. They celebrate cuisines from all over the world, and it goes to show how much the Brits love their grub, because it has been on air since 2002.
Chefs these days are treated like royalty and they behave like rock-stars, they are bad boys with hot tempers, like Gordon Ramsay who has had a number of excellent programmes beside his name. One being the fantastic Hell’s Kitchen, which is potentially the most volatile cookery series ever. Ove the course of weeks, two teams compete against each other in the red and blue kitchens to create stupendous dishes for paying customers. At the end of the show, one of the contestants is sent home until there is only one winner.
The pressure is on however, as Gordon Ramsay barks out orders from the pass and rips them to pieces if the make mistakes at crucial times in the service. Another of Gordon’s flagship shows, which has made him a huge name in the states in Kitchen Nightmares, in which he goes into a failing restaurant business and turns around its fortunes. Quite often, the owners are stuck in the mud and reluctant to change their ways, and sparks always fly.

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